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Головна » 2018 » Квітень » 20 » Greenville, SC sees some glass recycling return
Greenville, SC sees some glass recycling return

Dive Brief: RAM Recycling is bringing glass recycling back to residents of Greenville, SC, as reported by Greenville Journal. Greenville stopped accepting glass in March 2016. RAM began collecting glass from commercial customers earlier in April and wants to pursue residential collection soon. The company aims to have 100 commercial clients within 6 months. RAM plans to offer the glass to Fisher GlassEco, a regional operation, to make countertops and other surfaces from glass aggregate. RAM wants to construct its own manufacturing facility in upstate South Carolina in late 2019. Dive Insight: It's no secret that glass is a hard commodity to move right now. Glass markets are so tight that, in some cases, one bottling plant closing up shop can create regional "domino effects." Last year, glass recycling in Greenville came to a halt after Sonoco Recycling decided to focus exclusively on paper processing. At the time, glass was making up 12%-20% of the city's recycling tonnage. By starting in the commercial space, RAM is following other cities' models. One stand-out example is the glass collection model in Nashville, TN, which is starting with just 20 "honky tonk" bars to collect glass bottles. Harrisburg, PA is also starting a drop-off glass recycling program. RAM Recycling is in talks with Greenville officials to bring glass recycling back to residents, too. The company told Greenville Journal it wants to have glass collection at county and city convenience and recycling centers. If enough households are willing to pay for collection, RAM would move into neighborhoods. To fight lagging commodities markets, some are taking creative approaches. City Scape Winery, based in Greenville, is collecting and sterilizing wine bottles for reuse so they avoid disposal. Estimates say it could save "thousands" of heavy glass bottles from landfill each year. RAM's approach, by aiming to put collected glass into surfaces is another example of a creative approach to closing the loop on a specific commodity.

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